The Kenteverse is a multifaceted Art, Design & Music project exploring Kente’s innate power to create. I’m primarily using sounds sampled from the loom during the weaving process to generate new Kente designs and experiences.

When I started this project, I thought I was merely observing and dissecting the anatomy of Kente. I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was peering into a whole universe, The Kenteverse. Sound & Rhythm drove me here, and they’ve been my main points of contact in understanding the numerous locations within this universe. Language, History & Fashion are just some of the areas I’ve gained access to during my time here.

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Experiment: Waveforms

With this experiment, I focused heavily on using the visual qualities of the waveforms created while weaving to form the patterns on the stole.

Just by merely importing my samples into Logic Pro, I was immediately confronted with visual waveforms of the samples.

Reformed Waveforms

I initially started playing around with these waveforms by recreating them to look more edgy and look more like a stole design in my opinion.  

Shortly after, I took a step back and used Processing to code this edgy form based on the waveforms from Logic Pro.
October 22 2020

Stole Designs

Usually the Kente stoles made in Ghana are 5 Inches wide and its length is usually between 66 to 72 inches.
October 22 2020