The Kenteverse is a multifaceted Art, Design & Music project exploring Kente’s innate power to create. I’m primarily using sounds sampled from the loom during the weaving process to generate new Kente designs and experiences.

When I started this project, I thought I was merely observing and dissecting the anatomy of Kente. I wasn’t aware of the fact that I was peering into a whole universe, The Kenteverse. Sound & Rhythm drove me here, and they’ve been my main points of contact in understanding the numerous locations within this universe. Language, History & Fashion are just some of the areas I’ve gained access to during my time here.

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Experimentation Process

In my search for this so-called essence, I’ve had to break down my project into parts that adequately explore the circumstances that bring Kente to life. These three main categories are what I’ve identified as the parts that contribute to Kente’s life:

With every weaver comes a unique touch. Different weavers do things differently. With some, it has to do with speed; with others, it has to do with familiarity and experience in the art of making the cloth. All these affect the final piece in ways that are visible and others that aren’t.

With materiality, I explore Kente’s different material qualities and the various elements that interact with these materials to form the cloth.

The spaces where Kente is made often affect the way the cloth is made. Sometimes it has to do with how the weavers perceive their environment; other times, it has to do with how things have been done over time. Context, in no way, is equal to culture. However, context plays a role in our understanding of culture.
October 20 2020